Friday, August 22, 2008

We've MOVED!!

We have moved on to a bigger, badder, all new new website and blog! In reality, it's a blog in a website...or a website in a blog? Either way, we have joined the two worlds into one. Go check it out here, and let us know what you think!

Grand Opening!

Because of the new stuff, we will no longer be posting on this blog. is no more, so make sure to update your links! We have all our old posts and photos on the new blog, so you're not missing out on anything.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Under Construction

You might have noticed that our website is down right now. Bear with us! We're right in the middle of some changes, so things will be in limbo for a little bit.
We're working on getting everything back online ASAP, so keep checking back.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Miss American Fork 2008

Hang on! I am finally updating the blog with the last few weeks of amazing shoots! We are also right in the middle of launching an all new website and blog, so stay tuned for some exciting changes!

We'll start things off with what has been occupying a large chunk of our time lately...the upcoming Miss American Fork 2008 Scholarship Pageant. We have been heavily involved with the pageant this year and have had so much fun getting to know these girls. They all have amazing goals and are all so self-aware and confident!

Meet Liesl. She is the reigning 2007 Miss American Fork, who will be handing her crown down to this year's winner. We had the opportunity to spend a week in Salt Lake watching Liesl compete for Miss Utah. She did a fantastic job...but more about that later!

This year, the pageant director extraordinaire Staci wanted a fun, fresh approach to the pageant. The Miss America program is trying to get away from the stereotypical pageant, where everyone is plastic and fake and wants "world peace". They want real girls, with real goals, real problems and real confidence.

Meet the contestants!

Contestant #1 - Breanna Proctor

Contestant #2 - Adrienne Shelley

Contestant #3 - Trina Williams

Contestant #4 - Kelli Sumsion

Contestant #5 - Alliesha O'Neal

Contestant #6 - Jennifer Chambers

Contestant #7 - Kaitlin Hale

Contestant #8 - Carrie Helland

Contestant #9 - Juli Carter

If you're in the area, you should definitely think about coming to the pageant! It will be held August 16th, 7:00 p.m. at the American Fork High School. Come watch the girls compete, as well as Sam and I in photo-action!

We will also be choosing one of these lovely ladies to be named 'Miss Photogenic' at the pageant. Any guesses? Who is your favorite?

Liesl Wright - Miss American Fork 2007

Liesl has done an amazing job as the 2007-2008 Miss American Fork. She has worked with city officials and schools to help implement her platform, Teenage Financial Awareness. She has been an integral part in getting a financial literacy class required for graduating seniors, and has really shown how much she is capable of!

We spent the week in Salt Lake watching Liesl compete for Miss Utah about a month ago. She did an incredible job! She wanted photos of her in each of her competition are a few of my favorites.

Her beautiful evening gown. Unfortunately it wasn't finished in time to be worn for the competition, but it is so beautiful we had to get a couple shots of it!

Liesl is a very accomplished ballroom dancer. She put together an amazing routine-not an easy thing to choreograph when you are used to dancing with a partner all the time!

Her awesome, patriotic shoes for the Miss Utah "Show Your Shoes" parade!

Parts II and III - Bridals and Family

I love that Sean has already seen Ashley in her dress, so we don't have to hold these secret! Can I just start by saying that Ashley is one of the most poised and beautiful brides I have ever worked with. She has such beautiful posture and is simply elegant!.It was hard to narrow these down, there are so many beautiful photos of her.

Isn't she breathtaking?

The sun was just about down here, so we had some beautiful, warm, sun-setting light!

The Family

We started the day with the Family session so we could get the girls photographed before they got *too* dirty from playing!

Little B had just been woken up from a nap and was not happy about having her pictures taken. She is such a daddy's girl and wanted nobody but him.

We decided to let her take a break to wake up and get used to the idea a little. Aren't these two darling? Unlike B, they loved having their photo taken and would pose all day for me!

After running around and playing with her Daddy a little, B was in a great mood and had a great time!

Sean is so cute with the girls. They all have him wrapped around their little fingers.

Ashley with her soon-to-be daughters (who LOVE her almost as much as they love daddy)

Thanks for hanging out with us all day, guys! You have a beautiful family!

Ryanne & Braden

Ahh..what can I say about Ryanne and Braden? If you thought their bridal session totally rocked, you should have seen their wedding.

We started the day off at Mount Timpanogos Temple, right around noon on the hottest day of the year! It was a bright, hot day, but Braden and Ryanne took it with a great attitude.

We kind of love Braden and many of these aren't even posed, they know just what to do in front of a camera with very little direction!

Aren't they darling together??

Moments like these just happen naturally with these two. They are so in love, they were unaware of anyone around them and just wrapped up in their day!

A lil' something to keep up with the vintage look Ryanne loves!

Their reception was beautiful! It was held at Wadley Farms, where Ryanne took the beautiful scenery and turned it into a spectacular reception! She has such an amazing eye for details and everything was set up perfectly!

There is an awesome red barn on the property. Since Ryanne's colors were red and black, we decided it was the perfect place for their formal shots!

Braden and 'the boys'

I couldn't resist catching a few more of Ryanne and Braden together!

The awesome cake

She had a fun candy refreshments bar (everything in red and black, of course!) As well as fresh fruit, chicken sandwiches and the most delicious brownies ever! (catered by BYU Catering - YUM!)

Ryanne's awesome red shoes

Beautiful ring! ( I think Braden even picked it out completely on his own! Go Braden!)

Braden just finished up school at UNLV, where he played baseball. (Go here to read a newspaper article about his baseball talents and his love for Ryanne!)

Cake clean up!